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Dentistry in the News - January 2012

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Orthodontist Lives Hockey Dream  

Dr. Peter Maro, a semi-retired professional goalie for the New England Stars hockey team, is also an orthodontist. He said he started pursuing the rare combination of being a hockey player and orthodontist when he got his own braces in seventh grade. Dr. Maro’s backstory fit his Federal Hockey League debut—a last-minute start for the Danbury Whalers when the team sorely needed an able-bodied net minder.

Dr. Maro, a New Jersey native, has never loved the game any less since his National Hockey League (NHL) career ended before it even started more than two decades ago. Perfecting smiles professionally has always jived seamlessly with a hobby that sometimes includes rearranging them.

"To me, it's just me," said Dr. Maro. "I'm a normal guy. I get up and I go to work. My work just happens to be orthodontics. Hockey's been with me longer than that. To me, the hockey was first and orthodontics came second. First is family, second is hockey, and third is job, to tell you the truth. My job is my job. I love doing it. But I've loved hockey longer."

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