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Journal of Dental Education, Volume 77, Number 2, February 2013

Editor’s Note

Evidence-Based Dentistry

Evidence-Based Dentistry
The Development of Evidence-Based Guidelines in Dentistry
C. M. Faggion Jr.

Toward Defining Dentists’ Evidence-Based Practice: Influence of Decade of Dental School Graduation and Scope of Practice on Implementation and Perceived Obstacles 
Cheryl L. Straub-Morarend, Teresa A. Marshall, David C. Holmes, Michael W. Finkelstein

Perceptions and Practices of Dental School Faculty Regarding Evidence-Based Dentistry
Teresa A. Marshall, Cheryl L. Straub-Morarend, Fang Qian, Michael W. Finkelstein

Information-Seeking Behaviors of Dental Practitioners in Three Practice-Based Research Networks
Maria T. Botello-Harbaum, Catherine A. Demko, Frederick A. Curro, D. Brad Rindal, Damon Collie, Gregg H. Gilbert, Thomas J. Hilton, Ronald G. Craig, Juliann Wu, Ellen Funkhouser, Maryann Lehman, Ruth McBride, Van Thompson, Anne Lindblad

Educational Methodologies
Reliability and Predictive Validity of a Comprehensive Preclinical OSCE in Dental Education
Roseanna Graham, Laureen A. Zubiaurre Bitzer, O. Roger Anderson

E4D Compare Software: An Alternative to Faculty Grading in Dental Education
Walter G. Renne, S. Theodore McGill, Anthony S. Mennito, Bethany J. Wolf, Nicole M. Marlow, Stephanie Shaftman, J. Robert Holmes

International Dental Education
Motivational Factors and Future Plans of Nigerian Orthodontic Residents
Tolulase Abosede Yemitan, Oladipo J. Bamgbose, Dada A. Fadeju

Software Review
“The Perfect Tooth”

2013 ADEA Annual Session: Poster Abstracts and TechExpo Presentations
Poster Abstracts
Poster Abstracts: Author Index
Poster Abstracts: Subject Index
TechExpo: Abstracts of Presentations
TechExpo Abstracts: Author Index


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