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Journal of Dental Education, Volume 77, Number 1, January 2013

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Critical Issues in Dental Education
Fitting Form to Function: Reorganization of Faculty Roles for a New Dental Curriculum and Its Governance 
Charlotte L. Briggs, Philip A. Patston, G. William Knight, Lea Alexander, Nancy Norman

AEGD Programs: Why Now, Why More? 
Robert Spears, Luis P. Leite, Ronni A. Schnell, Mark Dellinges, H. Eugene Brooks, Lisa E. Itaya

Milieu in Dental School and Practice
Assessing Use of a Standardized Dental Diagnostic Terminology in an Electronic Health Record
Oluwabunmi Tokede, Joel White, Paul C. Stark, Ram Vaderhobli, Muhammad F. Walji, Rachel Ramoni, Meta Schoonheim-Klein, Nicole Kimmes, Anamaria Tavares, Elsbeth Kalenderian

Perceived Influence of Community Oral Health Curriculum on Graduates’ Dental Practice Choice and Volunteerism 
Donald S. Altman, Jeffrey L. Alexander, Janet L. Woldt, Deanna S. Hunsaker, Kathleen M. Mathieson

Educational Methodologies
Identification of Supernumerary Teeth in 2D and 3D: Review of Literature and a Proposal 
Leo Toureno, Jae Hyun Park, Robert A. Cederberg, Eui Hwan Hwang, Je-Won Shin

Evaluation of New Injection and Cavity Preparation Model in Local Anesthesia Teaching 
Sareh Said Yekta, Friedrich Lampert, Saeid Kazemi, Reza Kazemi, Henk S. Brand, Jacques A. Baart, Mina Mazandarani

Predoctoral Teaching in Intravenous Conscious Sedation: Ten Years at Glasgow Dental School
Nigel D. Robb, Jason Leitch, Conor O’Brian, Peter Walker

Efficacy of a Step-by-Step Carving Technique for Dental Students
Alan J. Kilistoff, Louis Mackenzie, Marcel D’Eon, Krista Trinder

Finding an Alternative to Formalin for Sterilization of Extracted Teeth for Teaching Purposes
Christopher K. Hope, David A. Griffiths, Daniel M. Prior

International Dental Education
Current Undergraduate and Postgraduate Dental Education in China
Jia Wei Zheng, Shan Yong Zhang, Chi Yang, Lian Guo, Guo Fang Shen, Xi Ping Feng, Jian Zhong Zhang, Zhi Yuan Zhang

Extent and Modes of Physics Instruction in European Dental Schools 
Milorad Letić, Gorjana Popović

Predoctoral Prosthodontic Curricula on Removable Partial Dentures: Survey of Turkish Dental Schools
Idil Dikbas, Zeynep Ozkurt, Ender Kazazoglu

Predoctoral Prosthodontic Clinical Curriculum for Complete Dentures: Survey in Turkish Dental Schools
Zeynep Ozkurt, Idil Dikbas, Ender Kazazoglu

Students’ Opinions and Attitudes After Performing a Dental OSCE for the First Time: A Jordanian Experience
Mohammad Hammad, Yara Oweis, Sahar Taha, Susan Hattar, Ahmad Madarati, Fouad Kadim

A Survey of Left-Handed Dental Students and Interns in Saudi Arabia
Sulieman S. Al-Johany

Need for Geriatric Dentistry Training Programs in Iran
Arash Poorsattar Bejeh Mir

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