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Drinking Straws Fight Tooth Decay

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Worried about the tooth decay that might accompany your enjoyment of a soft drink with lunch every day? Take a cue from the nursery school set and drink using a straw. According to a recent Temple University School of Dentistry study, using a drinking straw might be the best way to flight cavities and soda-induced dental erosion. Dr. Mohamed A. Bassiouny, a professor of restorative dentistry at Temple, determined that when positioned correctly behind your teeth and resting on your tongue, a straw can help decrease the amount of acid from beverages, like soft drinks, that comes in contact with teeth.

While the use of a drinking straw does not entirely eliminate decay, its use does concentrate the liquid in the mouth, rather than dispersing it, causing less damage to fewer teeth.

Overall, a lot of teeth are in harm’s way from soft drinks. The American Dental Association reports that in the U.S., soft-drink consumption surpasses that of all other beverages including milk, beer, coffee, and water.

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