ADEA Leadership Institute Application

The application cycle for the 2015-16 ADEA Leadership Institute will begin on August 1, 2014, and the deadline to submit applications will be November 1, 2014. The year-long program will begin at the 2015 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition in Boston, MA, March 7-10, 2015. More information about the 2015-16 ADEA Leadership Institute will be provided in mid-July.


For more information about the 2014-15 ADEA Leadership Institute, please see the 2014-15 ADEA Leadership Institute Call for Nominations Brochure.

How to Apply

Please use the ADEA online application process to submit an application for the 2014-15 ADEA Leadership Institute.

Application Deadline

All applications must be received on or before November 1, 2013. Contact Eric Lund at 202-289-7201 or with any questions.

About Nominations and Expectations

A person must be nominated to participate by his or her dean, program director, or equivalent administrative leader at an ADEA Member Institution. A nominator may make up to two nominations annually. A nomination should clearly state a nominee's leadership experience and potential for higher levels of administrative leadership in dental and higher education. The nominator should also indicate the specific ways in which he or she will support the fellow during the fellowship year.

A nominee must:

  • Demonstrate leadership at his or her institution, in the community or through research. Evidence of leadership may include outstanding success in past and current positions.
  • Have a clear track record of increasing administrative responsibilities.
  • Have experience with responsibilities such as chairing committees, advising student groups, or mentoring students and faculty.
  • Have experience with the development of local, regional, or national faculty development workshops or community outreach programs.
  • Have a record of scholarly contributions to dental education through teaching or research.
  • Be an ADEA individual member.

Five scholarships and fellowships are available through ADEA that provide assistance to a limited number of ADEA Leadership Institute Fellows each year. Please visit for more information.