2016 Call For Nominations

Scientist, educator, innovator, visionary, pioneer—William J. Gies, Ph.D., transformed dental education. Now, nearly a century later, the ADEAGies Foundation has an awards program that honors the Gies name and recognizes the work that continues his legacy.

The 2016 Call for Nominations has closed. The 2016 Gies Award winners will be announced in early December. 

Selection Process

The esteemed panel of Gies Award judges will consider the nominations received for each of the categories. It also has the discretion to consider nominations of its own. 

Selections are made based upon the comparison of data submitted against the description of each award. 

If, in the ruling of the judges, no nominee meets the eligibility requirements or standards for an award, it may not be given. 

Nominees not selected may be resubmitted for consideration in a subsequent year in a particular category or classification. 

Each finalist selected in accordance with these procedures may be asked to provide additional information and must indicate a willingness to accept the award in person at the March 14, 2016 ceremony. 


All nominations must have been received on or before Friday, November 6, 2015.