2018 Gies Awards

We invite your nomination of individuals and organizations that exemplify the highest standards of vision, innovation and achievement in oral health and dental education, research and leadership. Please review the award categories and definitions carefully and help us celebrate those most deserving in our community. The Gies Awards will be held Monday, March 19, in conjunction with the 2018 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition in
Orlando, FL.  

Deadline: All nominations must be received by September 12, 2017.

Award Categories: 

2018 Vision Icon Vision:
The articulation and pursuit of a contemporary idea or a set of ideals, perspectives or solutions that creates broader meaning while effectively bridging the present with the future of oral health care.
2018 Innovation Icon Innovation:
The creation, exchange, evolution and application of ideas that bring new value and help drive the success of an organization, institution or enterprise. The result adds vitality to our profession or industry and enhances oral health and dental education.
2018 Achievement Icon Achievement:
The accomplishment of worthy and socially commendable actions that make a substantial contribution to oral health and dental education. 


2018 Academic Dental Institution icon  Academic Dental Institution:
An educational institution granting academic degrees or certification in any field of allied, predoctoral or advanced dental study.
2018 Dental Educator icon Dental Educator:
An instructor or administrator in any field of allied, predoctoral or advanced dental study.
2018 Partner Icon Public or Private Partner:
A corporate, nonprofit or governmental entity with a dental, educational, public service or consumer mission working toward common goals in oral health or dental education.

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