Council of Sections Annual Report Template and Instructions

The purpose of the Section/SIG evaluation is to assess the functioning of the Section/SIG throughout the year. By assessing the activities and communications of the Sections/SIGS with their membership, the ADEA COS Administrative Board seeks to confirm continuity, vitality, improvement and collaboration of the Section/SIGS. The process serves to encourage alignment of the Sections/SIGs with the ADEA strategic goals and directions.

This Section/SIG assessment occurs annually by the Administrative Board following the submission of the Annual Report from each Section Councilor and each SIG Chair. Annual Reports are due no later than July 1 following the Annual Session. The period of evaluation is from Annual Session to Annual Session.

The Administrative Board uses the annual report in the selection process for the ADEA Council of Sections Thomas F. Nowlin Award for Best Performance by a Section.

Each report should include details on group activities in the outlined format and appropriate for posting to the ADEA website. Each leadership team is responsible for posting the annual report and meeting minutes to the listserv of their respective group.

Download the Council of Sections Annual Report Template. PDF

Outline of Section/SIG Annual Report


  • Name of Section/SIG
  • Name of Councilor submitting report
  • Mission statement of the Section/SIG

Report Details

  1. Activities: In this section, summarize activities and projects of your Section or SIG during the past year. Take this opportunity to highlight innovative activities and projects. Note projects with a national scope, and collaborative work with other sections and SIGs, organizations, and institutions. All of these activities will be evaluated as a whole to assess the engagement of the entire Section or SIG.
    • Annual Program
      • Provide information regarding program submission including, the title, any collaborations and if there was acceptance by the ADEA ASPC.
      • Provide information if the program was accepted or not, describe innovation and collaboration and actions to be followed up next year.
      • Provide details for accepted programs list attendance, if program goals were met, summary of evaluations, comments from program, plans to improve for the future.
    • Members Forum
      • Provide information about the progress of your Section/SIG. Include minutes from the Member’s Forum written in a professional format that can be posted to the ADEA website. All minutes are required to be shared with your Section/SIG members via the listserv
    • External Activities
      • Provide information about other regional or national meetings that your membership participates in that contributes to your Section/SIG and ADEA. These can include specialty organization meetings perhaps with an educational component.
    • Communications
      • Provide strategies for continuous communication with Section/SIG membership, which can include newsletters, social media, ADEA listserv, conference calls, etc., which you have during the year. This is a highly important component of the evaluation and should be a strategic goal for your group.
    • Collaborations, Special Assignments and Projects
      • Provide any intra-council or external collaboration in which the Section/SIG members have participated. Include any special assignments (i.e. ADEA WAAC, ADEA MAAC, ADEA LIAA, ADEA Taskforces, MedEd Portal, iCollaborative, CODA, etc.)
      • Provide a list and a brief description of any projects initiated on behalf of the group? (i.e. project pools, online projects, self-initiated projects, etc.)
      • Provide the number of attendees at any programs presented by the section/SIG and attendance at the Members’ Forum. Include a copy of the attendance roster for the Members’ Forum.
    • Goals for the coming year
      • Provide any upcoming goals that have been set by the section/SIG officers to be achieved within the next year.
  2. Comments for the ADEA Council of Sections Administrative Board
    • Feedback
      • Provide feedback, concerns, comments, and suggestions to the ADEA COS Administrative Board that you would like to have addressed.