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ADEA Special Interest Groups

Members may join as many special interest groups as they wish. 

Career Development for the New Educator
addresses the teaching, service, research, and professional development needs of recently appointed dental and allied dental faculty.

Dental Hygiene Clinical Coordinators addresses issues affecting the clinical aspect of dental hygiene.

Foreign Educated Dental Professionals provides a forum for administrators, staff and faculty involved in the formation, teaching or administration of international dental programs to meet and communicate information and concerns of mutual interest.

Graduate Dental Hygiene Education Programs explore and examine opportunities, challenges, and best practices in admissions, recruitment, curricula, and scholarship related to graduate dental hygiene education.

Implant Dentistry addresses the interests of faculty in the advancement of implant dentistry in the curriculum.

Lasers in Dentistry is a forum to explore the safe and effective use of lasers in all areas of dentistry and to help integrate and evaluate the knowledge and skills required to use all laser light technologies and techniques within the dental curriculum and practice.

Professional, Ethical, and Legal Issues provides a forum for ADEA members to address issues in ethics, professionalism, and legal matters in dental education. 

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning is a rich discussion forum in which members are provided the opportunity to learn and build upon the experiences and knowledge generated by their teaching peers and an infrastructure to support the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning throughout dental education.

Teaching and Learning with Emerging Technology focuses on the exploration of and use of new and emerging technologies, and their use in dental education teaching and learning.

Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD) seeks to provide a forum for the sharing of experiences and ideas for the teaching of TMD in dental education.

For more information about membership in sections, contact Membership.