ADEA AADSAS Application Instructions

Release Statement

All applicants must agree to this statement to submit the ADEA AADSAS application. It is important to understand and abide by these principles during the application process.

I agree to the following ADEA AADSAS Release Statement and Code of Conduct.

  • I have read, reviewed and understand the application instructions and program/school-specific admissions requirements, including provisions that note that I am responsible for monitoring and ensuring the progress and status of my application and all supporting materials.
  • I have provided ADEA AADSAS information in this application that is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that omitting relevant information or providing misrepresentations or false or misleading information in my application and supporting documents during the application process may jeopardize my application or result in other actions, including the possibility of expulsion from a program, if enrolled.
  • I certify that all written passages, such as the personal statement, essays and descriptions of work/activities, are my own and have not been written, in part or in whole, by a third party.
  • I understand that all documents provided to ADEA AADSAS will not be returned to me.
  • I acknowledge my responsibility to inform the programs/schools to which I have applied in the event there is any change in the information I have provided, including, but not limited to, educational information, legal and conduct violations and contact information and in a timely manner. Programs/schools will consider new information submitted and, in appropriate circumstances, reserve the right to change the status of an applicant or student.
  • I authorize ADEA AADSAS and the dental programs to which I am applying to investigate any information, including my educational background, disciplinary history, and record of criminal convictions that it believes is relevant to my application.
  • I give permission for ADEA AADSAS to release the information provided in my application, as well as all supporting application materials, to my designated programs/schools.
  • I authorize the use of information provided in the application for research, applicant tracking and reporting purposes.
  • I acknowledge that my only recourse to errors or omissions related to the handling or processing of my application by ADEA AADSAS is to obtain a refund. A refund is not guaranteed. Errors or omissions that are my responsibility are not subject to refund or waiver of fees in a future cycle.
  • I agree to act with honesty, forthrightness and integrity throughout the admissions process. I will be professional throughout the application process, including my interactions with ADEA AADSAS staff, program/school admissions officers and staff and admissions committees.